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valuation partnerships

Thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliated partner firm with Patton and Associates.  We have teamed up with 100’s of CPAs and accountants across the country to help them offer a more full service valuation and consulting package to their clients.


Accountants and CPAs often mistakenly think they must be certified or highly trained in Business Valuations in order to perform or discuss valuations. In addition, many firms do not want to send a client to a competitor in their city or state.  We do not have a typical CPA practice, we only prepare valuations and consult on value.  So we work as your partner and sign off on the engagements, and keep you engaged in the process so your client sees the team effort.  Our team will complete the valuation or consulting engagement, handle all the research and sign off on the engagement.

Only see 1 - 2 valuations a year? Don’t have time to keep up on the credentials and pay for the expensive databases? No problem. Our process allows CPA’s and accountants to provide assistance in the valuation process without being an expert! Please fill out the form below to learn more or call to chat with us at 800-800-1776.

Getting Started

To start the business valuation process, send a message with the form below or call 800-800-1776.

I'll explain how and what you should charge your client for the valuation based on your answers to these questions:

  • What is the INDUSTRY the company is in?

  • WHY is the valuation needed?

  • What is the SIZE of the company? (size in revenue dollars)

  • What is the "as of" date (i.e. 12/31/18, etc.)

  • How many classes of stock are there?


Our process consists of only a few steps to start a valuation for your client or referral.

  1. Contact us to find out how much to charge for the valuation. 

  2. We will send an engagement letter to your client from our firm which they will sign and send back with payment in advance.

  3. Complete the input forms and gather documents for the valuation and email them to us.

  4. We will complete the valuation and email a copy of it to you for review before we issue the report to the client.

  5. We pay you as part of the team for gathering the data of the client, which should only take an hour or two of your time.

Get Started

Thanks for submitting!

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