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Business Valuation & Divorce: The Complicated Relationship
Client Testimonials
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Attorneys are often faced with divorces that involve one or both spouses who are business owners.

These divorces usually require a business valuation that is tied to the settlement agreement and as such can complicate both the divorce and the business valuation process.

When one or both spouses is the owner of a business(es) or professional practice(s), it is often necessary to establish the value of each business or practice in order to determine an appropriate division of property.

Patton and Associates, LLC has extensive experience working with attorneys representing clients that require independent valuation analysis, forensic accounting, and expert witness testimony in business valuation and family law matters.

Our firm is prepared to provide you and your clients if needed, with guidance in undertaking the business valuation process while working cooperatively with you to ensure that your client’s position is best articulated.

Hi Troy, You completed a valuation of our client's accounting practice in his divorce.


I have another client who owns a modest motel/hotel in a small town here in northeast Indiana. I’m looking for an experienced accountant to appraise it.


By the way. We got our client’s case settled. Your value was not questioned. 

Tim Pape

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Hi my name is Paul Sullivan, I have a CPA firm in Bethesda Maryland called Sullivan & Associates. There are about 15 people in my company.  We do not prepare business valuations ourselves. In the past we have referred them out. We have completed 10+ valuations with Patton & Associates. It worked out really well. It was great working with them!

Paul Sullivan

Bethesda, Maryland

I've been using Patton Valuations for the last 3-4 years.  Nothing but good things to say about them.  I've been using them because of staffing purposes here.  I don't have enough inflow here to hire somebody.  Troy Patton has been great.

Brad Cummings

Catskill, New York

This is Richard Speicher CPA, I have my own practice in Williamsport PA. I use Patton and Associates for valuations and I thought they did a very good job.

Richard Speicher

Williamsport, Pennsylvania

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